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If a registration card, plate, or pair of plates is lost or becomes illegible, the owner shall immediately apply for replacement. The fee for a replacement registration card is three dollars. The fee for a replacement plate or pair of plates other tha...
Rules Implementing Statutes:
The annual registration fee for a motor vehicle shall not be automatically reduced under this section unless the fee is based on the value and weight of the motor vehicle as provided in section 321.109, subsection 1. If a motor vehicle is more tha...
Any vehicle once registered in the state and by removal no longer subject to registration in this state, shall upon being returned to this state and subject to registration be again registered in accordance with section 321.20 .
A nonresident owner or operator engaged in remunerative employment within this state or carrying on business within this state and owning or operating a motor vehicle, trailer, or semitrailer within this state shall register and maintain financial lia...
Except as otherwise provided, annual registration fees become delinquent and penalties accrue the first of the month following the purchase of a new vehicle, and thirty days following the date a vehicle is brought into the state.
Rules Implementing Statutes:
In addition to the fee required for the issuance of a certificate of title under section 321.20, 321.20A, 321.23, 321.42, 321.46, 321.47, 321.48, or 321.52, a surcharge of five dollars shall be required. Of each surcharge collected und...
A nonresident owner, except as provided in sections 321.54 and 321.55, of a private passenger motor vehicle, not operated for hire, may operate or permit the operation of such vehicle within this state without registering such vehicle in, or payin...
If the owner does not appear within forty days, the motor vehicle shall be deemed abandoned and the officer having possession of the motor vehicle shall proceed as provided in section 321.89, subsections 3 and 5 .
The exemption of a motor vehicle from an annual registration fee or a fee for new registration shall not exempt the operator of such vehicle from the performance of any other duty imposed on the operator by this chapter .
The director shall, if the owner appears of record in the director’s office, notify the owner of the fact that the vehicle or component part is in the custody of the officer, and if not of record in the director’s office, the director shall mail the d...