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The collection of all fees and penalties may be enforced against any vehicle or they may be collected by suit against the owner who shall remain personally liable therefor until such time as the transfer thereof shall be reported to the county treasur...
On the first day of the second month following the beginning of each registration year a penalty of five percent of the annual registration fee shall be added to the annual registration fees not paid by that date and an additional penalty of five perc...
Rules Implementing Statutes:
Except as otherwise provided, annual registration fees become delinquent and penalties accrue the first of the month following the purchase of a new vehicle, and thirty days following the date a vehicle is brought into the state.
Rules Implementing Statutes:
Except for fines, forfeitures, court costs, and the collection fees retained by the county treasurer pursuant to section 321.152, and except as provided in subsection 2, moneys and motor vehicle registration fees collected under this chapter sha...
The department shall, on the first day of each month, furnish an estimate in writing to the treasurer of state of the amount of expenditures to be made by the department during that month.
The department shall prepare and furnish to the treasurer of each county all supplies required for the administration of this chapter in such form as the department may prescribe. Contracts for the supplies shall be awarded by the director of the de...
Blanks or forms for listing used motor vehicles shall be placed in the hands of county treasurers not later than December 15 of any year.
The county treasurer shall collect the registration fee, the fee for new registration, and penalties on each vehicle registered by the county treasurer and shall be responsible on the county treasurer’s bond for such amount. The county treasurer shall...
A county treasurer may retain for deposit in the county general fund the following: Four percent of the total collection, excluding the amount of any fee for new registration, for each annual or semiannual vehicle registration and each duplicate regis...
The county treasurer on the tenth day of each month shall certify to the department a full and complete statement of all fees and penalties received by the county treasurer during the preceding calendar month and shall remit all moneys not retained fo...
Rules Implementing Statutes: