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The treasurer of state shall keep proper books of account for the purposes specified herein and shall report to the department each remittance from the county treasurer, when said remittance is received.
The department shall check and audit all fees and penalties collected, and shall effect a settlement with the county treasurer annually.
The department shall have the power to fix the annual registration fee on all makes and models of motor vehicles which are not now being furnished or upon which the statement from the factory cannot be obtained. For a current year model of a motor veh...
Rules Implementing Statutes:
Except as provided in section 321.159, a motor vehicle shall not be registered in this state unless the manufacturer of the vehicle has furnished, in compliance with section 321.157, the list price and weight of the model of the motor vehicle that...
A manufacturer or importer of a motor vehicle sold or offered for sale in this state, either by the manufacturer, importer, distributor, dealer, or any other person, shall file in the office of the department a sworn statement showing the various mode...
Rules Implementing Statutes:
The department shall maintain a statement showing all the different makes and models of motor vehicles previously registered in the department, and all the different makes and models of motor vehicles, statements of which have been filed in the office...
The value shall be fixed at the next even one hundred dollars above the retail list price F.O.B. the factory, and the weight shall be fixed at the next even one hundred pounds above the manufacturer’s shipping weight or the actual weight of the vehicl...
Rules Implementing Statutes:
The department shall annually, and at such other times as new makes or models of motor vehicles are offered for sale or sold in this state, fix the value and weight of each of the different makes and models of motor vehicles which are sold or offered ...
The director shall have authority to arrange with the director of the department of corrections to furnish such supplies as may be made at the state institutions.
The department, upon requisition by the county treasurer, shall provide vehicle registration plates, validation stickers, and emblems as required for the administration of this chapter. Vehicle registration plates and validation stickers shall be pr...
Rules Implementing Statutes: