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Individuals so designated shall have the full duties and rights of peace officers under the Code, for the purpose of enforcing the motor vehicle laws and ordinances of this state, and shall be provided with an identifying badge and card.
The governor, in exercising the power conferred by sections 7.10 and 7.11, may designate one employee or officer of the state to supervise all persons designated as peace officers hereunder, and they shall be fully responsible to that employee or ...
Whenever the governor is satisfied that a state of emergency exists, or is likely to exist, on the public streets or highways of this state, because of violations of chapter 321, the governor shall designate any employee or employees of this state a...
The inclusion of a city in a unified law enforcement district shall not affect the prior establishment of a civil service system under chapter 400 or a pension or retirement system under either chapter 410 or 411 .
The board of supervisors, or the city councils of a district composed only of cities, may, and upon receipt of a petition signed by eligible electors residing in the district equal in number to at least five percent of the registered voters in the dis...
The public safety commission, on or before January 10 of each year, shall make an estimate of the total amount of revenue deemed necessary for operation of the district and, in conjunction with the county board of supervisors and city councils in the ...
The county board of supervisors shall certify to the public safety commission the amount of revenue from the county general fund credited to the unincorporated area in the district based upon an average of revenues raised for law enforcement purposes ...
Cities and unincorporated areas may join an established district upon the affirmative vote of the city council or county board of supervisors, whichever is applicable, and a tax may be levied for providing additional moneys for unified law enforcement...
An agreement under this chapter to provide joint or cooperative services or facilities for unified law enforcement purposes shall not be executed for less than a five-year period.
If the levy of a tax has been approved under section 28E.22, a public safety commission shall be established under section 28E.6. The public safety commission shall be responsible for administering the unified law enforcement agreement. The public...