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Forest and fruit-tree reservations fulfilling the conditions of chapter 427C shall be exempt from taxation. In all other cases where trees are planted upon any tract of land, without regard to area, for forest, fruit, shade, or ornamental purposes, ...
Rules Implementing Statutes:
In lieu of a foreclosure action in court due to default on a recorded mortgage or deed of trust of real property, if the subject property is agricultural land used for farming, as defined in section 9H.1, the mortgagee and mortgagor may enter into a...
Tagged topics: agricultural land
The board of trustees of the district shall provide for the appointment of a board of adjustment, shall provide that the board of adjustment may, in appropriate cases, and subject to appropriate conditions and safeguards, make special exceptions to th...
Tagged topics: land use
The department shall hold a hearing not less than thirty days or more than sixty days after the petition is received. The department shall publish notice of the hearing, at a reasonable time before the hearing is to take place, and shall post notice o...
Immediately after the effective date of a measure establishing any zoning district, building lines, or fire limits, the city clerk shall certify the measure and a plat showing the district, lines, or limits to the recorder of any county which contains...
A city council and the trustees of a township may join in the common purpose of improving, maintaining, and supporting a township cemetery. In such case the two official bodies shall constitute a joint cemetery board and shall have equal voting power.
Tagged topics: cemeteriescity government
Section 1.4 shall apply to all lands acquired under sections 1.5 through 1.7 .
Tagged topics: birdsfishgame animalsrefugeswildlife
The state of Iowa hereby consents that the government of the United States may in any manner acquire in this state such areas of land or water or of land and water as said government may deem necessary for the establishment of the “Upper Mississippi ...
The board of supervisors to whom the petition is addressed, at its next regular, special, or adjourned meeting, shall set the time and place when it will meet for a hearing upon the petition, and direct the county auditor in whose office the petition ...
Tagged topics: land use
Local authorities may by general rule, ordinance, or regulation exclude vehicles from any cemetery or ground used for the burial of the dead, or exclude vehicles used solely or principally for commercial purposes, from any park or part of a park syste...
Tagged topics: cemeteriesparks