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A domestic mutual insurance company, upon approval of the commissioner, may reorganize by forming an insurance holding company based upon a mutual plan and continuing the corporate existence of the reorganizing insurance company as a stock insurance c...
Tagged topics: mutual insurance
Rules Implementing Statutes:
The board of directors of a school district may certify for levy by April 15 of a school year, a tax on all taxable property in the school district for a district management levy. The revenue from the tax levied in this section shall be placed in th...
An insurer, health maintenance organization, or hospital and medical service plan providing health care coverage to individuals in this state shall not consider the availability of or eligibility for medical assistance under Tit. XIX of the federal So...
Tagged topics: medical assistance
Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary, peace officers employed within the department that are not covered under a collective bargaining agreement who were at any time eligible to be enrolled in the group health insurance plan that is negotiate...
Tagged topics: health insurance
A school district or community college corporation may contract indebtedness and issue general obligation bonds or enter into insurance agreements obligating the school district or corporation to make payments beyond its current budget year for one or...
Tagged topics: insurance
A housing business that has entered into an agreement pursuant to section 15.354 is eligible to receive the tax incentives described in subsections 2 and 3. A housing business may claim a refund of the sales and use taxes paid under chapter 423 ...
Rules Implementing Statutes:
An insurer providing medical malpractice insurance coverage to Iowa health care providers shall file annually on or before June 1 with the commissioner a report of all medical malpractice insurance claims, both open claims and closed claims filed duri...
Any company organized under this chapter or authorized to do business in this state may: Insure dwelling houses, stores and all kinds of buildings and household furniture, and other property against direct or indirect or consequential loss or damage...
Tagged topics: title insurance
The commissioner shall adopt rules establishing a requirement that an employer provide access to health care to the employees of the employer. The rules shall provide that an employer doing business within this state shall offer each employee, at a mi...
Rules Implementing Statutes: