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If any person makes or aids in making or establishing, or advertises or makes public a scheme for a lottery; or advertises, offers for sale, sells, distributes, negotiates, disposes of, purchases, or receives a ticket or part of a ticket in a lottery ...
Tagged topics: gamblinglotteries
Rules Implementing Statutes:
Property, whether real or personal, offered as a stake, or any moneys, property, or other thing of value staked, paid, bet, wagered, laid, or deposited in connection with or as a part of any game of chance, lottery, gambling scheme or device, gift ent...
Tagged topics: gambling
Except as permitted in chapters 99B and 99D, a person shall not do any of the following: Participate in a game for any sum of money or other property of any value. Make any bet. For a fee, directly or indirectly, give or accept anything of value t...
Tagged topics: gambling
All promises, agreements, notes, bills, bonds, or other contracts, mortgages or other securities, when the whole or any part of the consideration thereof is for money or other valuable thing won or lost, laid, staked, or bet, at or upon any game of an...
Tagged topics: gambling
Any person who records or registers bets or wagers or sells pools upon the result of any trial or contest of skill, speed, or power of endurance of human or beast, or upon the result of any political nomination or election, and any person who keeps a ...
Tagged topics: gambling
The department shall operate a gambling treatment program to provide programs which may include but are not limited to outpatient and follow-up treatment for persons affected by problem gambling, rehabilitation and residential treatment programs, info...
Tagged topics: gambling
Rules Implementing Statutes:
Sections 725.5 through 725.10 and 725.12 do not apply to a game, activity, ticket, or device when lawfully possessed, used, conducted, or participated in pursuant to chapter 99B, 99E, 99F, or 99G .
Tagged topics: gambling
The commissioner of public safety shall direct the chief of the division of criminal investigation to establish a subdivision to be the primary criminal investigative and enforcement agency for the purpose of enforcement of chapters 99D, 99E, and ...
Tagged topics: gambling
A person may conduct, without a license, any of the contests specified in subsection 2, and may offer and pay awards to persons winning in those contests whether or not entry fees, participation fees, or other charges are assessed against or collec...
An individual may participate in social gambling if, subject to the requirements of section 99B.42, all of the following requirements are met: The gambling is not participated in, either wholly or in part, on or in any schoolhouses, schoolhouse site...