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Imitation butter shall be sold only under the name of oleomargarine, and no person shall use in any way, in connection or association with the sale or exposure for sale or advertisement of any such product, the word “butter”, “creamery”, or “dairy”, o...
Iowa state university of science and technology shall prepare and submit reports as follows: The university shall submit an interim report to the general assembly each year on or before January 15, through January 15, 2013. The interim report shall do...
The Iowa cooperative extension service in agriculture and home economics shall employ a state extension fruit specialist to provide leadership in the development of a broader array of educational materials and field staff training. The materials on tr...
Grapes, other fruits, and vegetables may be sold in climax baskets; but when said commodities are sold in such manner and the containers are labeled with the net weight of the contents in accordance with the provisions of section 189.9, all the prov...
Tagged topics: fruitvegetables
The department of human services is authorized to enter into such agreements with agencies of the federal government as are necessary in order to make available to the people of this state any federal food programs which may, under federal laws and re...
Tagged topics: foodfood assistance
Rules Implementing Statutes:
Bread when weighed for inspection shall be weighed in the manufacturer’s plant when said bread is wrapped ready for delivery, and bread coming into the state from an adjoining state when weighed for inspection shall be weighed in the packages, contain...
Tagged topics: bread
A nutrition and health promotion program shall be administered by the department, in accordance with the requirements of the federal Act, including congregate and home-delivered nutrition programs, nutrition screening, nutrition education, nutrition c...
Tagged topics: foodhealthnutrition
A school nutrition fund is an enterprise fund. A school nutrition fund must be established in any school corporation receiving moneys from the school meal program authorized under chapter 283A .
Tagged topics: foodmeal programsnutrition
Any person engaged in home baking is exempt from the provisions of sections 210.19 through 210.22 .
Tagged topics: bread
Frozen desserts and the pasteurized dairy ingredients used in the manufacture thereof, shall comply with the following standards: ____________________________________________________________ Milk, cream, and fluid Temperature Storage at dairy ingredi...
Tagged topics: desserts