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The appraisers shall forthwith proceed to the assessment of damages and shall make written report of the damages to the board of supervisors.
Tagged topics: eminent domain
The board shall, at the final hearing, first pass on the objections to the proposed change. If objections be sustained the proceedings shall be dismissed unless the board finds that the objections may be avoided by a change of plans, and to this end a...
Tagged topics: eminent domain
The state department of transportation as to primary roads and the boards of supervisors as to secondary roads on their own motion may change the course of any part of any road or stream, watercourse, or dry run and may pond water in order to avoid th...
Tagged topics: eminent domain
If the board is unable, by agreement with the owner, to acquire the necessary right-of-way to effect such change, a compensation commission shall be selected pursuant to section 6B.4, to appraise the damages consequent on the taking of the right-of-...
Tagged topics: eminent domain
For the purposes of section 6A.4, subsection 6, a city may condemn a residential building found to be a public nuisance and take title to the property for the public purpose of disposing of the property under section 364.7 by conveying the propert...
Tagged topics: eminent domain
If the owner of real estate desired for any purpose for which any school may be authorized to take and hold real estate refuses to convey the same, or is dead or unknown or cannot be found, or if in the judgment of the board of directors of the corpor...
Tagged topics: eminent domain
If a sale of land in connection with a primary road, state park road, or institutional road has been authorized as provided in this chapter, written conveyances containing the conditions as prescribed by the controlling state agency shall be made in...
Tagged topics: eminent domain
Damages allowed on account of the vacation of any highway and costs incident thereto, right-of-way or land purchased or condemned for or on account of any highway and costs incident thereto, and the funds received from the sale or rental of any highwa...
Tagged topics: eminent domain
The commission may purchase or condemn lands for public parks. No contract for the purchase of such public parks shall be made to an amount in excess of funds appropriated therefor by the general assembly.
Tagged topics: eminent domain
Real estate occupied as a public road, and rights-of-way for established public levees and rights-of-way for established, open, public drainage improvements shall not be taxed. When land or rights in land are acquired in connection with or for public ...
Tagged topics: eminent domain
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