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The United States of America may acquire by condemnation or otherwise for any of its uses or purposes any real estate in this state, and may exercise jurisdiction thereover but not to the extent of limiting the provisions of the laws of this state. Th...
The secretary of state shall receive and preserve in the secretary’s office all papers transmitted to the secretary in relation to condemnation and shall keep an alphabetical list of acquiring agencies in a book provided for that purpose, in which sha...
Tagged topics: eminent domain
Any public agency participating in an agreement authorizing the joint exercise of governmental powers pursuant to this chapter may exercise its power of eminent domain to acquire interests in property, under provisions of law then in effect and appl...
Tagged topics: eminent domain
As used in this section, “hydroelectric utility” means an entity comprised of any number of public agencies or entities created to carry out an agreement authorizing the joint exercise of any of the governmental powers enumerated in section 28F.1...
Tagged topics: eminent domain
The commission may purchase or condemn highways connecting parks with the public highways. When the highways have been purchased or condemned the same shall be public highways of this state and shall be maintained as other public highways of the county.
Tagged topics: eminent domainhighways
All the provisions of the law relating to the condemnation of lands for public state purposes shall apply to the provisions of this chapter in and so far as applicable.
Tagged topics: eminent domain
If the owner of real estate desired for any purpose for which any school may be authorized to take and hold real estate refuses to convey the same, or is dead or unknown or cannot be found, or if in the judgment of the board of directors of the corpor...
Tagged topics: eminent domain
In the maintenance, relocation, establishment, or improvement of any road, including the extension of such road within cities, the agency having jurisdiction and control of such road shall have authority to purchase or to institute and maintain procee...
Tagged topics: eminent domain
Rules Implementing Statutes:
When title to any tract of land has been or may be acquired for the construction or improvement of any highway, and when in the judgment of the agency in control of the highway, the tract will not be used in connection with or for the improvement, mai...
Tagged topics: eminent domain
The agency in control of a tract, parcel, or piece of land, or part thereof, which is unused right-of-way shall send by certified mail to the last known address of the present owner of adjacent land from which the tract, parcel, piece of land, or part...
Tagged topics: eminent domain