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Such order may be directed to any citizen of the same township, by name, and shall be served by posting copies thereof, in three of the most public places in the township, fifteen days before the day of the election; the original order shall be return...
Tagged topics: elections and politics
The board of directors of any school corporation when authorized by the voters at an election held on a date specified in section 39.2, subsection 4, paragraph “c”, may issue the negotiable, interest-bearing school bonds of the corporation for bor...
Tagged topics: elections and politics
The board of directors of a school corporation in which there is no free public library may contract with a free public library for the free use of the library by the residents of the school district, and pay the library the amount agreed upon for the...
The electors may, at any election called as provided in section 301.24, direct the board to discontinue the loaning of textbooks to pupils.
Tagged topics: elections and politics
All laws governing political parties and the nomination of candidates in elections shall, as far as applicable, govern the political parties and nomination and election of candidates in cities acting under a special charter in 1973 and having a popula...
A city-county consolidated form of government under which a county and one or more cities within the county unite to form a single unit of local government shall create a unified government which includes a municipal corporation and a county. The cons...
The delegates shall hold office from the day following the election for a period of two years.
The department shall hold a hearing not less than thirty days or more than sixty days after the petition is received. The department shall publish notice of the hearing, at a reasonable time before the hearing is to take place, and shall post notice o...
An election shall be held biennially at the time of the general election in each extension district for the election of members of the extension council. All registered voters of the extension district are entitled to vote in the election.
Tagged topics: elections and politics
The board of directors of each local public school district and the authorities in charge of each nonpublic school shall require that all students in grades nine through twelve complete, as a condition of graduation, instruction in American history an...