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Authorities in charge of an accredited nonpublic school may operate or contract for the operation of a child care program, as described in section 279.49. The provisions of section 279.49 as they relate to child care programs of a school corporati...
Tagged topics: child care
Following an entry of an initial determination order pursuant to section 232.182, the court shall hold a dispositional hearing in order to determine the future status of the child based on the child’s best interests. Notice of the hearing shall be g...
Tagged topics: foster care
The court may exercise jurisdiction over adoption and termination of parental rights proceedings under chapters 600 and 600A .
Tagged topics: adoptionsparental rights
The board of regents shall develop a center for early development education at one of the regents institutions specified in section 262.7, subsections 1 through 3. The center’s programs shall be conducted in a laboratory school setting to serve as a...
For the purposes of this section, unless the context otherwise requires: “County of residence” means the county in this state in which, at the time a person applies for or receives services, the person is living and has established an ongoing prese...
An employer shall not take retaliatory action against an employee as a reprisal for the employee’s participation in good faith in making a report, photograph, or X ray, or in the performance of a medically relevant test pursuant to this chapter, or ...
Tagged topics: child abuse
Every instrument in writing affecting real estate, or the adoption of minors, which is acknowledged or proved and certified as required, may be read in evidence without further proof.
Upon application of an interested party or upon the court’s own motion, the court having jurisdiction of the child may, after notice to the parties and a hearing, remove a court-appointed guardian and appoint a guardian in accordance with the provisio...
Tagged topics: parental rightsparents
The court may provide for joint custody of the child by the parties. The court, insofar as is reasonable and in the best interest of the child, shall order the custody award, including liberal visitation rights where appropriate, which will assure the...
All other kidnappings are kidnappings in the third degree. Kidnapping in the third degree is a class “C” felony. For purposes of determining whether the person should register as a sex offender pursuant to the provisions of chapter 692A, the fact f...