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The state board shall establish a registry of the placements of all children receiving foster care. The department shall notify the state board of each placement within five working days of the department’s notification of the placement. The notificat...
Tagged topics: child advocacy board
Rules Implementing Statutes:
The power to admit persons to practice as attorneys and counselors in the courts of this state, or any of them, is vested exclusively in the supreme court which shall adopt and promulgate rules to carry out the intent and purpose of this article .
An Iowa historical records advisory board is established in accordance with 36 C.F.R. §1206.36 – 1206.38. The board shall consist of nine members appointed by the governor for three-year staggered terms. Members shall be eligible for reappointment. ...
The board of regents shall develop a center for early development education at one of the regents institutions specified in section 262.7, subsections 1 through 3. The center’s programs shall be conducted in a laboratory school setting to serve as a...
A fire extinguishing system contractors and alarm systems advisory board is established in the division of state fire marshal of the department of public safety and shall advise the division on matters pertaining to the application and certification o...
For purposes of this section: “Bonds” means bonds, notes, or other evidences of indebtedness issued under this section. “Chargeable expenses” means expenses charged by the utilities board and th e consumer advocate division of the department of ...
A secondary road fund distribution committee is established to develop one or more alternative methodologies for distribution of moneys in the secondary road fund and farm-to-market road fund. The committee shall be comprised of representatives appoin...
Rules Implementing Statutes:
An early childhood Iowa area board shall do all of the following: Designate a public agency of this state, as defined in section 28E.2, a community action agency as defined in section 216A.91, an area education agency established under section 27...
The authority has all of the general and specific powers needed to carry out its purposes and duties as provided in this subchapter and to exercise its specific powers under subchapter VIII .
Rules Implementing Statutes:
An enhance Iowa board is established consisting of the members described in subsection 2. The board is located within the authority for administrative purposes. The director of the authority shall provide office space, staff assistance, and necessar...
Tagged topics: enhance iowa board
Rules Implementing Statutes: