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HF 23 (Introduced)
88th General Assembly
relating to the eligibility of certain individuals employed by educational institutions for unemployment insurance benefits between two successive academic years or terms and including applicability provisions.
HF 36 (Introduced)
88th General Assembly
providing for a world language education pilot program and making appropriations.
HF 39 (Introduced)
88th General Assembly
relating to student data collection by the department of education, school districts, and accredited nonpublic schools.
HF 51 (Introduced)
88th General Assembly
relating to the carrying, transportation, or possession of a firearm in a building that is a place of religious worship located on nonpublic school property.
HSB 18 (Introduced)
88th General Assembly
relating to school funding by modifying provisions relating to the collection of sales tax for deposit in the secure an advanced vision for education fund, provisions relating to and prerequisites for the use of tax revenue from the secure an advanced...
SF 21 (Introduced)
88th General Assembly
increasing the amount of total approved tax credits for purposes of the school tuition organization tax credit.
SF 28 (Introduced)
88th General Assembly
relating to education by modifying the duties and authority of certain state and local governmental entities, establishing an education savings grant program and fund, making appropriations, providing penalties, and including effective date and applic...
SF 29 (Introduced)
88th General Assembly
relating to additional weighting for limited English proficient students and including effective date and applicability provisions.
SF 30 (Introduced)
88th General Assembly
relating to the Iowa core curriculum and to assessment and content standards for school districts and accredited nonpublic schools and including effective date provisions.
SF 31 (Introduced)
88th General Assembly
establishing a limitation on the amount of administrative costs for school districts.