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SF 55 (Introduced)
88th General Assembly
establishing a process for voter approval of a proposition to require a township to provide emergency medical service.
HF 693 (Introduced)
88th General Assembly
establishing processes for voter approval of a proposition to require a township to provide emergency medical service and for voter approval of a higher additional annual property tax levy rate for the provision of township services.
If possible, all public measures and constitutional amendments to be voted upon by an elector shall be included on a single ballot which shall also include all offices to be voted upon. However, if it is necessary, a separate ballot may be used as pro...
The elector shall designate a vote by making the appropriate mark in the voting target. On paper ballots an “X” or a check mark may be placed in the proper target.
When a proposed constitutional amendment or other public measure to be decided by the voters of the entire state is to be voted upon, the state commissioner shall prepare a written summary of the amendment or measure including the number of the amendm...
Ballots referred to in section 49.43 shall be substantially in the following form: Shall the following amendment to the Constitution (or public measure) be adopted? Yes No (Here insert the summary, if it is for a constitutional amendment or statewid...
At the top of paper ballots for public measures shall be printed the following: [Notice to voters. To vote to approve any question on this ballot, make a cross mark or check in the target before the word “Yes”. To vote against a question make a simila...
Unless otherwise stated, the date of an election on a public measure authorized to be held by a school district is limited to the dates specified in section 39.2, subsection 4, paragraph “c” .
Tagged topics: public measures