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2016 Iowa Acts
relating to the right of residents, owners, tenants, and landlords to summon emergency assistance and preempting related local ordinances, rules, and regulations. Section 331.304, Code 2016, is amended by adding the following new subsection: NEW S...
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2016 Iowa Acts
requiring that agreements to terminate farm tenancies be in writing. Section 562.6, Code 2016, is amended to read as follows: 562.6 Agreement for termination. If an a written agreement is made fixing the time of the termination of a tenancy, wh...
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Chapter 562A, the uniform residential landlord and tenant Act, shall apply to elder group homes under this chapter .
Chapter 562A, the uniform residential landlord and tenant Act, shall apply to assisted living programs under this chapter .
Any person having a valid subsisting interest in real property, and a right to the immediate possession thereof, may recover the same by action against any person acting as owner, landlord, or tenant of the property claimed.
Tagged topics: landlord and tenant
The answer of the defendant, and each if more than one, must set forth what part of the land the defendant claims and what interest the defendant claims therein generally, and if as mere tenant, the name and residence of the landlord.
Tagged topics: landlord and tenant
When it appears that the defendant is only a tenant, the landlord may be substituted by the service upon the landlord of original notice, or by the landlord’s voluntary appearance, in which case the judgment shall be conclusive against the landlord.
Tagged topics: landlord and tenant
A tenant in possession in good faith, under a lease or license from another, is not liable beyond the rent in arrear at the time of suit brought for the recovery of land, and that which may afterward accrue during the continuance of the tenant’s posse...
Tagged topics: landlord and tenant
SF 48 (Introduced)
88th General Assembly
to exclude equine boarding from the annual lease termination requirements for farm tenancies.
SF 63 (Introduced)
88th General Assembly
relating to assistance animals and service animals in housing and misrepresentation of an animal as a service animal or a service-animal-in-training, providing penalties, and including effective date and applicability provisions.