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A domestic corporation may be incorporated or organized under the laws of this state, and a foreign corporation may be authorized or registered to transact business in this state, for the purpose of establishing, operating, and maintaining a foreign-t...
Tagged topics: international trade
IAC Rule 441.60.1
Iowa Administrative Code
Alienage requirements. Immigration status. Nonrefugee child of refugee parents. Immigration and Naturalization Service documents.
Published: 08/31/2005
Tagged topics: aliens,  immigration
Notwithstanding any other law of this state, payments paid to an eligible individual of Japanese ancestry under section 105 of the Civil Liberties Act of 1988, Pub. L. No. 100-383, Tit. I, shall not be considered as income or an asset for determining ...
IAC Rule 441.75.11
Iowa Administrative Code
Citizenship or alienage requirements. Definitions. Citizenship and alienage. Deeming of sponsor’s income and resources. Eligibility for payment of emergency medical services.
Published: 03/11/2020
Enabling Statutes: 249A.3 , 249A.3
Tagged topics: aliens,  immigration,  refugees
IAC Rule 441.65.52
Iowa Administrative Code
Systematic alien verification for entitlements (SAVE) program.
Published: 12/03/2008
Tagged topics: aliens,  immigration
IAC Rule 441.65.37
Iowa Administrative Code
Eligibility of noncitizens.
Published: 12/03/2008
Tagged topics: aliens,  immigration,  refugees
The department of human services shall cause a refugee services foundation to be created for the sole purpose of engaging in refugee resettlement activities to promote the welfare and self-sufficiency of refugees who live in Iowa and who are not citiz...
Tagged topics: refugees
Rules Implementing Statutes:
IAC Rule 877.8.7
Iowa Administrative Code
Alien employment certification.
Published: 01/01/1997
Enabling Statutes: 96.10 , 96.10 , 96.11 , 96.11 , 96.5(10) , 96.5(10)
Tagged topics: aliens
Commencing with the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2009, there is annually appropriated from the general fund of the state to the authority one million dollars for the support of the world food prize award. The Iowa state capitol is designated as the p...
Tagged topics: world food prize
The governor of this state is hereby authorized and requested to issue annually a proclamation designating the sixteenth day of October as Dr. Norman E. Borlaug World Food Prize Day and to encourage all governmental entities, civic organizations, scho...