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HSB 89 (Introduced)
90th General Assembly
relating to concussion and brain injury training for renewals of coaching authorizations issued by the board of educational examiners.
IAC Rule 11.63.4
Iowa Administrative Code
Family and Medical Leave Act leave.
Published: 07/19/2017
IAC Rule 11.63.19
Iowa Administrative Code
Donated leave for catastrophic illnesses of employees and family members. Definitions: Program eligibility for employee illness. Program eligibility for immediate family member illness. Certification requirements. Program requirements.
Published: 02/08/2023
Tagged topics: disabilities,  diseases,  donations,  families,  injuries
SF 16 (Introduced)
90th General Assembly
relating to additional penalties for certain violations against bicyclists causing serious injury or death committed by a person operating a motor vehicle.
HF 692 (Introduced)
90th General Assembly
relating to the staffing of brain health professionals in primary and secondary schools and making appropriations.
SF 365 (Introduced)
90th General Assembly
relating to the choice of doctor to treat injured employees under workers’ compensation laws and including effective date and applicability provisions.
SF 367 (Introduced)
90th General Assembly
including the loss of or lost use of a shoulder as a compensable injury for second injury fund benefits.
HF 369 (Introduced)
90th General Assembly
relating to employer liability for adverse effects resulting from mandated COVID-19 vaccinations.
SF 539 (Introduced)
90th General Assembly
allowing emergency medical care providers to diagnose and treat severe injuries suffered by police service dogs while on duty.
HF 273 (Introduced)
90th General Assembly
relating to the term brain health.