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Compiled Historical Information
Date of Death: 2/23/1931
Birth Place: Lisbon, IA
Birth County: Linn
Birth Country: USA
Party Affiliation: Republican
Assemblies Served:
Senate: 30 (1904) - 34 (1911)
House: 28 (1900) - 29 (1902)
Home County: Linn
Willard Coldren Stuckslager
Linn County


The Senate has learned with deep regret of the death of Honorable Willard C. Stuckslager which occurred suddenly and without warning February 23, 1931, while visiting at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Lanning MacFarland, in Winnetka, Cook county, Illinois. He was born at Lisbon, Iowa, October 24, 1869, the only son of Harrison Stuckslager and Mary Coldren Stuckslager, Iowa pioneers, his death occurring in the sixty-second year of his age.

Mr. Stuckslager at the time of his death was a member of the state board of education. He had served on this board since his first appointment by Governor Clarke in 1915 and was reappointed in 1929 for a six-year term. He was vice president of the board and chairman of its faculty committee.

Since young manhood Mr. Stuckslager had been a prominent figure in the political, business, civic, and educational life of the state. He was one of Iowa’s best known and most successful bankers. For many years he was a trustee, executive officer, and treasurer of Cornell College, and to its upbuilding and success he contributed freely of his time and means as he did to many other worthy institutions and projects.

Mr. Stuckslager entered politics in 1899 and served with distinction in the House of Representatives in the Twenty-eighth and Twenty-ninth General Assemblies. In 1903 he was elected Senator and served in the Senate in the Thirtieth, Thirty-first, Thirty-second, Thirty-second extra, Thirty-third, and Thirty-fourth General Assemblies, his legislative service therefore lasting for thirteen years. During most of his service in the Senate he was chairman of the Senate committee on appropriations. He was a most useful member, and at all times won not only the respect of his colleagues but their affection as well.

Mr. Stuckslager lived an increasingly useful life from maturity until the date of his death. He was one of the most influential men in his community and county, always exercising that influence for the good of the public and the state. He was especia1ly noticeable for his unselfishness in all good work and his firm and uncompromising stand for the right on all social, moral, and religious questions. At all times he had the courage of his convictions and stood by them steadfastly. He was always loyal to his friends, and was a cheerful, wise, and far-seeing counsellor and leader.

Therefore, Be It Resolved, That the Senate takes this occasion to present this tribute to the memory of a faithful public servant and to express appreciation of his character and public service, and at the same time to extend most sincere sympathy to his widow and relatives.

And the Secretary of the Senate is hereby directed to enter these resolutions upon the Journal of the Senate, and to forward an enrolled copy to the family of the deceased.





The resolution was unanimously adopted by a rising vote.