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August 09, 2020GA 88

House File (HF)

Bill Bill Title
HF 138 A bill for an act prohibiting public schools from scheduling school activities during presidential precinct caucuses.
HF 139 A bill for an act relating to the election of persons failing to receive the nomination of a political party.
HF 335 A bill for an act relating to the filing of nomination papers by persons seeking nomination by a nonparty political organization.
HF 611 A bill for an act modifying provisions relating to the sale of certain fireworks, and making penalties applicable.
HF 2079 A bill for an act relating to flying our colors special registration plates.(See HF 2620.)
HF 2149 A bill for an act pertaining to instruction in water safety in schools.
HF 2357 A bill for an act relating to filing for specified property tax credits and including effective date and retroactive applicability provisions. (See HF 2601.)
HF 2395 A bill for an act modifying provisions relating to telecommunicators. (See HF 2531.)

House Concurrent Resolution (HCR)

Bill Bill Title
HCR 106 A concurrent resolution honoring the memory of Harold Keller as one of the Marines who raised the United States flag at Iwo Jima.

House Resolution (HR)

Bill Bill Title
HR 8 A resolution to recognize the Iowa Small Business Development Centers and honor 2019 award winners. Adopted by House.
HR 21 A resolution recognizing and congratulating the Grand View University Vikings wrestling team on winning the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics Wrestling National Championship for the eighth consecutive year. Adopted by House.
HR 22 A resolution congratulating and honoring University of Iowa wrestler Spencer Lee for his outstanding wrestling accomplishments, including a second consecutive National Collegiate Athletic Association wrestling championship title at the 125 pound weight-class. Adopted by House.
HR 104 A resolution to recognize the Iowa Small Business Development Centers and honor 2020 award winners.
HR 107 A resolution honoring and recognizing Ambassador Kenneth M. Quinn upon his retirement as president of the World Food Prize Foundation.
HR 113 A resolution recognizing the leadership of President Donald J. Trump and Governor Kim Reynolds during the COVID-19 pandemic; recommending targeted expenditures of the Coronavirus Relief Fund; and stating the intent of the House of Representatives to support affordable coverage for pre-existing health conditions, support efforts to protect Iowans from foreclosure and eviction due to the COVID-19 pandemic, support a strong retirement system to allow Iowans to retire with dignity, support secure and fair elections for Iowa citizens, and oppose efforts to defund and abolish law enforcement agencies throughout Iowa.