April 17, 202488GA
Bill History for House Resolution 107
By Upmeyer, Kaufmann, Moore, Meyer, A, Zumbach, Deyoe, Bergan, Isenhart, Fisher, Hall, Olson, Kressig, Meyer, B, Staed, Hagenow, Mommsen, Carlson, Huseman, Gerhold, Jeneary, Lundgren, Bearinger, Hein, Jacoby, Best, Fry, Lohse, Sexton, Mohr, Maxwell, Salmon, Dolecheck, Bloomingdale, Thompson, Kerr, Jacobsen, Sieck, Landon, Hinson, Worthan, Paustian, Klein, Wills, Hanusa, Holt, Gustafson, Brink, Hite, Grassley and Gassman
A resolution honoring and recognizing Ambassador Kenneth M. Quinn upon his retirement as president of the World Food Prize Foundation.
March 09, 2020 Laid over under Rule 25. H.J. 533.