October 4, 202388GA
Bill History for House Resolution 113
By Grassley, Windschitl, Sexton, Jacobsen, Landon, Kerr, Hinson, Bergan, Osmundson, Sorensen, Thompson, Wheeler, Shipley, Mommsen, Holt, Lundgren, Hite, Brink, Deyoe, Best, Hein, Salmon, Lohse, Jones, Sieck, Huseman, Paustian, Fry, Baxter, Bacon, Kaufmann, Mohr, Hagenow, Upmeyer, Mitchell, Fisher, Zumbach, Moore, Bloomingdale, Meyer, A, Gustafson, Gerhold, Jeneary, Hanusa, Wills, Gassman, Bossman, Carlson, Dolecheck, Klein, Thorup and Maxwell
A resolution recognizing the leadership of President Donald J. Trump and Governor Kim Reynolds during the COVID-19 pandemic; recommending targeted expenditures of the Coronavirus Relief Fund; and stating the intent of the House of Representatives to support affordable coverage for pre-existing health conditions, support efforts to protect Iowans from foreclosure and eviction due to the COVID-19 pandemic, support a strong retirement system to allow Iowans to retire with dignity, support secure and fair elections for Iowa citizens, and oppose efforts to defund and abolish law enforcement agencies throughout Iowa.
June 14, 2020 Laid over under Rule 25. H.J. 782.