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December 10, 2023GA 84

Senate File (SF)

Bill Bill Title
SF 21 A bill for an act concerning the size of game bird only hunting preserves.
SF 53 A bill for an act relating to disaster mitigation and predisaster planning by providing for comprehensive watershed management planning, creating a watershed management grant program, providing floodplain management regulation incentives, creating a predisaster hazard mitigation grant program, and making appropriations. (See SF 386.)
SF 87 A bill for an act creating criminal offenses for falsely claiming the receipt of certain military medals or decorations and providing penalties. (See SF 397.)
SF 113 A bill for an act modifying provisions relating to the regulation of delayed deposit services businesses, providing penalties, and including effective date provisions. (See SF 388.)
SF 119 A bill for an act relating to the creation of and use of moneys in a home and community-based services trust fund and making an appropriation.
SF 126 A bill for an act relating to reimbursement for services provided under a medical assistance home and community-based services waiver for the elderly. (See SF 234.)
SF 127 A bill for an act relating to and making an appropriation for the case management program for the frail elderly.
SF 154 A bill for an act relating to dissolvable products and providing penalties. (See SF 281.)
SF 161 A bill for an act relating to economic development by making changes to the administration of the save our small businesses fund and program and including effective date provisions. (See SF 301.)
SF 178 A bill for an act relating to community development by allocating tax credits for redevelopment of brownfields and grayfields and by making an appropriation for certain community partnership programs designed to support community beautification projects. (See SF 237 and SF 514.)
SF 179 A bill for an act creating the red tape commission. (See SF 471.)
SF 202 A bill for an act relating to education and employment training by establishing the pathways for academic career and employment program and fund and the gap tuition assistance program and fund. (See SF 328.)
SF 213 A bill for an act appropriating moneys for tourism marketing and promotion to the department of economic development.
SF 247 A bill for an act relating to the allowable uses for modified allowable growth for programs for returning dropouts and dropout prevention. (See SF 451.)
SF 309 A bill for an act prohibiting certain disability payments related to military service from being used as offsets within the Iowa public employees' retirement system. (See SF 499.)
SF 344 A bill for an act relating to the duties of the department of human services when serving as a guardian or conservator. (See SF 492.)
SF 357 A bill for an act relating to public access to founded dependent adult abuse information.
SF 2041 A bill for an act establishing a self-employment assistance program for recipients of unemployment compensation benefits and providing a termination date. (See SF 2255.)
SF 2052 A bill for an act relating to and making appropriations to the state board of regents for programs established by the state board or its universities that are designed to increase college readiness and college awareness in potential first-generation college students and underrepresented minority populations, and to increase the number of ethnically diverse Iowa students in agriculture, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics degree programs.
SF 2108 A bill for an act relating to the Iowa health care coverage partnership program and including effective date provisions. (See SF 2262.)
SF 2128 A bill for an act requiring certain group health insurance policies, contracts, or plans to provide coverage for autism spectrum disorders for certain persons, providing for a repeal, and including applicability and effective date provisions.
SF 2222 A bill for an act requiring American products to be used for public improvements, providing a penalty, and including applicability provisions. (See SF 2287.)

Senate Resolution (SR)

Bill Bill Title
SR 13 A resolution honoring the main street Iowa program on its 25th anniversary.
SR 14 A resolution recognizing the work of the Rebuild Iowa Office during and after the disastrous tornadoes, storms, and floods which occurred in 2008.
SR 15 A resolution opposing proposed congressional changes to the Medicare and Medicaid programs.
SR 106 A resolution honoring Art Pennington, an American baseball great.
SR 109 A resolution recognizing Dr. Dan Shechtman of the Iowa State University College of Engineering, the United States Department of Energy's Ames Laboratoryand Technion-Israel Institute of Technology on his receipt of the 2011 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.
SR 116 A resolution to honor Dr. Gregory L. Geoffroy's remarkable achievements as President of Iowa State University.