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December 08, 2023GA 84

Senate File (SF)

Bill Bill Title
SF 2032 A bill for an act relating to advocacy for long-term care residents and making an appropriation.
SF 2041 A bill for an act establishing a self-employment assistance program for recipients of unemployment compensation benefits and providing a termination date. (See SF 2255.)
SF 2052 A bill for an act relating to and making appropriations to the state board of regents for programs established by the state board or its universities that are designed to increase college readiness and college awareness in potential first-generation college students and underrepresented minority populations, and to increase the number of ethnically diverse Iowa students in agriculture, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics degree programs.
SF 2053 A bill for an act relating to reimbursement for services provided under a medical assistance home and community-based services waiver for the elderly.
SF 2085 A bill for an act requiring the use of safety helmets by certain young persons operating motorized bicycles, and providing a penalty.
SF 2128 A bill for an act requiring certain group health insurance policies, contracts, or plans to provide coverage for autism spectrum disorders for certain persons, providing for a repeal, and including applicability and effective date provisions.
SF 2211 A bill for an act establishing an Iowans first tax credit program within the economic development authority for taxpayers who hire qualified individuals and including effective date and applicability provisions.
SF 2215 A bill for an act relating to bidding for purchases or public improvements through a competitive bidding process by the state or political subdivisions. (See SF 2302.)

Senate Joint Resolution (SJR)

Bill Bill Title
SJR 2003 A joint resolution relating to the designation of the department of public safety building as the Oran Pape State Office Building.

Senate Resolution (SR)

Bill Bill Title
SR 106 A resolution honoring Art Pennington, an American baseball great.
SR 109 A resolution recognizing Dr. Dan Shechtman of the Iowa State University College of Engineering, the United States Department of Energy's Ames Laboratoryand Technion-Israel Institute of Technology on his receipt of the 2011 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.
SR 115 A resolution to recognize March 2012 as Iowa Women's History Month.
SR 116 A resolution to honor Dr. Gregory L. Geoffroy's remarkable achievements as President of Iowa State University.
SR 117 A resolution urging Congress and the President of the United States to protect Iowa's Air National Guard units from additional budget cuts.