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January 26, 2021GA 80

House File (HF)

Bill Bill Title
HCR 6 A concurrent resolution relating to the federal Medicare program and requesting assistance from the federal government.
HR 8 A resolution to honor former President Jimmy Carter for winning the Nobel Peace Prize for the year 2002.
HR 9 A resolution supporting a proposal to invite the Republic of China (Taiwan) to participate in the upcoming meeting of the World Health Assembly as an observer.
HR 11 A resolution to honor the Meskwaki Code Talkers who served in the United States Armed Forces in North Africa during World War II.
HR 14 A resolution to honor the crew of the space shuttle Columbia.
HCR 19 A concurrent resolution urging congressional adoption of a free trade agreement between Taiwan and the United States.
HCR 20 A concurrent resolution urging the United States Department of Agriculture to rescind an administrative regulation regarding grain warehouse licensing.
HCR 21 A concurrent resolution relating to federal funding for fire and emergency services and homeland security costs.
HR 25 A resolution identifying problems of Iowans in meeting health care costs and calling upon canidates for national office to provide proposals for addressing the health care needs of Iowans and the people of the United States.
HF 29 A bill for an act increasing the state minimum hourly wage rate.
HR 39 A resolution in support of the men and women serving in the United States Armed Forces in Operation Iraqi Freedom.
HR 42 A resolution honoring the City of Whittemore on its quasquicentennial year.
HF 44 A bill for an act relating to the restoration and maintenance of the senior living trust fund and providing an effective and retroactive date.
HF 45 A bill for an act relating to an increase in the personal needs allowance amount for a recipient of medical assistance residing in a nursing facility.
HF 97 A bill for an act relating to mandated insurance coverage for physician-recommended mammography for women with a family history of breast cancer. (See Cmte. Bill HF 543)
HR 112 A resolution recognizing Iowa nursing students and faculty.
HR 117 A resolution to recognize and honor the members of the Iowa Army and Air National Guard.
HR 124 A resolution encouraging the President of the United States to take swift action to remove Rod Paige from the position of United States Secretary of Education.
HF 127 A bill for an act requiring certain representation in the membership of governance boards of programs for decategorization of child welfare funding.
HR 137 A resolution recognizing and honoring the families of United States military service members for their unselfish contributions and sacrifices.
HR 142 A resolution honoring the National Bar Association for its important contributions to the legal profession and the judicial process.
HR 143 A resolution urging all Iowans to kick the habit of smoking.
HF 152 A bill for an act relating to regulation of tattooing equipment and the practice of tattooing and making a penalty applicable.
HF 253 A bill for an act making appropriations to the community attraction and tourism fund.
HF 292 A bill for an act relating to the employment security administrative contribution surcharge, and providing an effective date.
HF 432 A bill for an act relating to an annual appropriation of sales and use tax revenues for purposes of a tourism fund.
HF 434 A bill for an act providing for a feasibility study on creating a statewide public employee health insurance system.
HF 439 A bill for an act directing the board of educational examiners to convene an educator licensing review working group.
HF 2028 A bill for an act exempting certain environmental test laboratory services from the state sales and use taxes. (See Cmte. Bill HF 2348)
HF 2109 A bill for an act relating to the personal needs allowance under the medical assistance program for persons in nursing facilities.
HF 2439 A bill for an act relating to economic development and regulatory matters at the state and local level, authorizing issuance of tax-exempt bonds and tax credits, making appropriations, and providing a retroactive applicability date.