May 19, 202480GA
Bill History for House File 45
By Huser, Stevens, Lensing, Greimann, Winckler, Berry, Petersen, Fallon, Foege, Jochum, Murphy, Taylor, Whitaker, Olson, D., Wendt, Whitead, Smith, Reasoner, Mccarthy, Bell, Dandekar, Swaim, Gaskill, Oldson, Connors, Young, Ford, Mertz, Miller, H., Heddens, Davitt, Frevert, Struyk, Taylor, D., Cohoon, Quirk, Bukta, Mascher, Lykam, Wise, Osterhaus, Thomas, Kuhn and Myers
A bill for an act relating to an increase in the personal needs allowance amount for a recipient of medical assistance residing in a nursing facility.
January 22, 2003 Introduced, referred to Human Resources. H.J. 110.
January 23, 2003 Subcommittee, Heaton, Granzow and Osterhaus. H.J. 161.
December 31, 2003 * * * * * END OF 2003 ACTIONS * * * * *
January 14, 2004 Subcommittee reassigned, Heaton, Granzow and Jacoby. H.J. 56.