September 24, 202380GA
Bill History for House File 2439
By Petersen, Bukta, Mascher, Stevens, Winckler, Gaskill, Lensing, Greimann, Miller, H., Jochum, Taylor, Taylor, D., Olson, D., Smith, Bell, Cohoon, Whitead, Wendt, Thomas, Jacoby, Ford, Shomshor, Struyk, Frevert, Dandekar, Kuhn, Lykam, Reasoner, Heddens and Whitaker
A bill for an act relating to economic development and regulatory matters at the state and local level, authorizing issuance of tax-exempt bonds and tax credits, making appropriations, and providing a retroactive applicability date.
March 04, 2004 Introduced, referred to Economic Growth. H.J. 464.