Date & Time/Public Comments Bill Bill Title Committee
HF 2023 A bill for an act relating to payment for precinct caucuses held in public buildings. State Government (House)
HF 2105 A bill for an act establishing daylight saving time as the official time in this state throughout the year.(See HF 2331.) State Government (House)
HF 2108 A bill for an act providing for the direct shipment of alcoholic liquor.(See HF 2525.) State Government (House)
HF 2215 A bill for an act relating to legislative and congressional redistricting concerning the duties of the temporary redistricting advisory commission.(See HF 2538.) State Government (House)
HF 2311 A bill for an act prohibiting the government of, and persons and entities from, the People’s Republic of China from acquiring real property located in the state.(See HF 2467.) State Government (House)
HSB 576 A bill for an act relating to the sale of native distilled spirits for on-premises consumption by certain manufacturers of native wine.(See HF 2247.) State Government (House)
HSB 578 A bill for an act relating to gambling regulation and wagering, concerning cashless wagering, forfeiture and withholding of certain gaming winnings, sports wagering, and providing penalties.(See HF 2497.) State Government (House)
HSB 580 A bill for an act designating certain county flood mitigation activities as an essential county purpose.(See HF 2166.) State Government (House)
HSB 614 A bill for an act appropriating certain tax receipts concerning internet fantasy sports contests and sports wagering to the county endowment fund.(See HF 2286, HF 2548, HF 2566.) State Government (House)
HSB 641 A bill for an act relating to pari-mutuel wagering, concerning distribution of horse racing purse moneys and establishing a fund for certain race horse organizations.(See HF 2378.) State Government (House)
HSB 659 A bill for an act concerning county supervisor representation plans.(See HF 2466.) State Government (House)
SF 2263 A bill for an act relating to the confirmation by the senate of certain appointees. (Formerly SSB 3075.) State Government (House)
SF 2324 A bill for an act relating to the designation of real estate teams and the display of real estate licenses, and including applicability provisions. (Formerly SSB 3115.) Effective date: 07/01/2022. Applicability date: 12/31/2022. State Government (House)