Date & Time/Public Comments Bill Bill Title Committee
HF 2210 A bill for an act relating to liability arising from the donation of equipment by a municipality, fire department, emergency medical services provider, or law enforcement agency. (See HF 2493.) State Government (House)
HSB 502 A bill for an act relating to setoff requirements concerning certain winnings on wagers. (See HF 2196, HF 2623.) State Government (House)
HSB 512 A bill for an act relating to wagering taxes imposed on promotional play receipts. (See HF 2380.) State Government (House)
HSB 525 A bill for an act removing the requirement to obtain a permit for vehicles or combinations of vehicles of excessive size transporting divisible loads of hay, straw, stover, or bagged livestock bedding that meet certain width, height, and length requirements. (See HF 2310.) Transportation (House)
HSB 552 A bill for an act relating to gambling regulation and enforcement activities of the division of criminal investigation of the department of public safety. (See HF 2586.) State Government (House)
HSB 563 A bill for an act regarding the expiration of driver’s licenses of persons who are age seventy-two or over. (See HF 2360.) Transportation (House)
HSB 656 A bill for an act relating to the setoff procedures used by public agencies. (See HF 2565.) State Government (House)
HSB 697 A bill for an act relating to crossings of rights-of-way owned by successors in interest of railroad corporations. State Government (House)
SF 2249 A bill for an act relating to the classification and reclassification of certain secondary roads, and including applicability provisions. (Formerly SF 2122.) Transportation (House)