Date & Time/Public Comments Bill Bill Title Committee
HF 2017 A bill for an act relating to coaching endorsements and authorizations issued by the board of educational examiners and to certain emergency medical procedures training requirements, and including applicability provisions. (See Cmte. Bill HF 2421) Education (House)
HF 2061 A bill for an act relating to the accreditation of nonpublic schools by independent accrediting agencies approved by the state board of education. (See Cmte. Bill HF 2321) Education (House)
HF 2101 A bill for an act concerning varsity athletics eligibility of students in open enrollment subjected to harassment or bullying. (See Cmte. Bill HF 2264) Education (House)
HF 2132 A bill for an act relating to the possession and administration of emergency drugs by first responders for purposes of treating drug overdose victims. (See Cmte. Bill HF 2380) Public Safety (House)
  • 01/01/1776 12:01 AM
  • HF 2163 A bill for an act requiring school districts to make available to a parent or guardian certain materials, and including effective date provisions. Education (House)
    HF 2205 A bill for an act establishing a safe routes to school program and fund. Education (House)
    HSB 511 A study bill relating to the certificate of need process including procedures for contested applications and applications relating to institutional health facilities in rural areas. 1-19-16 Subcommittee assigned, L. Miller, Abdul-Samad, and Fry. H.J. 88. Human Resources (House)
    HSB 534 A study bill relating to food assistance eligibility and work requirements. 1-21-16 Subcommittee assigned, Sieck, Abdul-Samad, and Best. H.J. 104. 2-8-16 Subcommittee reassigned, Forristall, Abdul-Samad, and Best. H.J. 180. Human Resources (House)
    HSB 569 A study bill relating to the disbursement of all Iowa opportunity scholarships. 2-8-16 Subcommittee assigned, Gassman, Abdul-Samad, and Dolecheck. H.J. 180. 2-10-16 Passed subcommittee. (See Cmte. Bill HF 2275) Education (House)
    SF 410 A bill for an act relating to drug overdose prevention, including by limiting criminal and civil liability, and modifying penalties. (Formerly SSB 1209.) Public Safety (House)
    SF 2116 A bill for an act adding substances to schedule I of the controlled substance schedules, and providing penalties. (Formerly SSB 3004.) Effective 7-1-16. Public Safety (House)
    SF 2214 A bill for an act relating to the dispensing of additional quantities of a prescription within the limitations of the prescription. (Formerly SF 2079.) Effective 7-1-16. Human Resources (House)