Iowa Rivers and Waterways Study Committee (J)


Consult with interested parties in considering options for restoring the quality of Iowa's rivers and waterways. Interested parties may include engineers, local watershed partnerships, persons who farm near rivers and waterways, anglers, boaters, and other interested parties. Develop recommendations for an initial plan to prioritize river and waterway projects and provide defined goals and measurable improvements.

Senate Members
  • No member data available
House Members
  • No member data available
Public Members
  • Dick L. Dearden, Co-Chair
  • Lee Hein, Co-Chair
  • Rob Bacon
  • William A. Dotzler Jr.
  • Hubert Houser
  • Charles Isenhart
  • David Johnson
  • Jarad J. Klein
  • Patti Ruff
  • Brian Schoenjahn
Committee Information