Mass Transit Study Committee (J)


Study the ways in which mass transit might be employed to provide public transportation services among Iowa communities. Consider the ways mass transit availability affects various populations in rural and urban communities, particularly those who are unable to drive or cannot afford to own a motor vehicle; determine any impact mass transit within communities can have on population levels, quality of life, and economic development in urban job centers, small and satellite communities, and rural towns; identify the effect of mass transit on greenhouse gases and on overall air quality; determine the level of public need for mass transit, including any specific areas in immediate need; investigate the feasibility of expanding mass transit services and the types and combination of services that might comprise a state mass transit system; identify potential costs and funding mechanisms for developing and maintaining specific mass transit services; and assess the attitudes and habits of Iowans concerning personal transportation and ways to educate the public about the economic, social, and environmental advantages of mass transit. Consult with the interests listed in 2008 Iowa Acts, S.F. 2425, ยง 146, in conducting the study.

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