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House Journal: Page 1639: Monday, April 15, 1996

A communication was received from the Governor announcing that
on April 15, 1996, he approved and transmitted to the Secretary
of State the following bills:
House File 111, an act exempting from regulation certain
homeowners' association swimming pools.
House File 210, an act authorizing a court to require a criminal
offender as part of a restitution order to make financial
contributions to a local anticrime organization.
House File 514, an act relating to Iowa motor vehicle
registration plates, by providing for special United States
armed forces retired plates, special Iowa heritage plates and an
Iowa heritage fund, education plates and transfer and
appropriation of revenue from the sale of the plates to the
school budget review committee, and special silver and bronze
star plates, providing for special registration plates with
distinguishing processed emblems, providing for required plate
specifications, making penalties applicable, and providing an
effective date.
House File 2190, an act relating to the publication of certain
notices, ordinances, and amendments by the superintendent of
House File 2350, an act relating to motor vehicle dimensional
and weight requirements and certificates of title for commercial
vehicles and providing an effective date.
House File 2407, an act relating to legal publications and
related products prepared and distributed under the authority of
the general assembly.
House File 2444, an act relating to energy conservation
including making appropriations of petroleum overcharge funds.
Senate File 2101, an act relating to the disbursement of the
remaining funds in a nonguaranteed irrevocable burial trust fund
following satisfaction of payment in accordance with an
agreement for funeral merchandise and funeral services.
Senate File 2159, an act relating to evaluator licensing of
Senate File 2186, an act relating to transportation-related
sanctions by increasing penalties for certain offenses,
providing for the issuance of temporary restricted licenses for
certain offenses, providing scheduled fines for various
violations, prohibiting certain activities of motor vehicle
Senate File 2287, an act relating to the limitations on the use
of toxic materials in packaging and providing additional
Senate File 2348, an act relating to agricultural limestone, and
providing penalties, fees, and an effective date.
Senate File 2353, an act relating to satellite terminals and
establishing certain requirements for such terminals of a
financial institution with a principal place of business in
another state.

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