CHAPTER 1099WAGERING TAXES ON GAMBLING GAMES — PROMOTIONAL PLAY RECEIPTSH.F. 2445AN ACT excluding certain promotional play receipts from the definition of adjusted gross receipts for purposes of the wagering tax on gambling games and relating to other matters involving gambling games regulation.Be It Enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Iowa:   Section 1.   Section 99F.1, subsection 1, Code 2016, is amended to read as follows:   1.  “Adjusted gross receipts” means the gross receipts less winnings paid to wagerers.However, “adjusted gross receipts” does not include promotional play receipts received after the date in any fiscal year that the commission determines that the wagering tax imposed pursuant to section 99F.11 on all licensees in that fiscal year on promotional play receipts exceeds twenty-five million eight hundred twenty thousand dollars.   Sec. 2.   Section 99F.1, Code 2016, is amended by adding the following new subsection:   NEW SUBSECTION.  19A.  “Promotional play receipts” means the total sums wagered on gambling games with tokens, chips, electronic credits, or other forms of cashless wagering provided by the licensee without an exchange of money as described in section 99F.9, subsection 3.Approved April 21, 2016