CHAPTER 55ELIGIBLE LISTS[Prior to 11/5/86, Merit Employment Department[570]][Prior to 2/18/04, see 581—Ch 6]11—55.1(8A)  Establishment of eligible lists.  The director shall establish and maintain various lists of eligible applicants for use in filling vacant positions. Eligible lists may be by job class or specific position. Eligible lists may be continuous or may be abolished after a vacancy is filled. The following are types of eligible lists:  55.1(1)    Recall lists.  These lists shall consist of the names of permanent employees who were separated by layoff; or who moved to another class or had their work hours reduced in lieu of layoff. Recall shall be in accordance with 11—subrule 60.3(6).  55.1(2)    Promotional lists.  Promotional lists shall consist of the names of permanent employees and those as designated in 11—paragraph 54.2(4)“a” who have applied for a job class and who have met the minimum qualifications and other promotional screening requirements for the class. The length of time of eligibility for promotion from these lists need not be the same as that for appointment from nonpromotional lists.  55.1(3)    All-applicant lists.  All-applicant lists shall consist of the names of all persons who have applied for positions, met the minimum qualifications for the class, and undergone, as necessary, the designated screening for the class. Persons in the certified disability program or any other formal waiver program established by the department shall be identified as such and placed on the all-applicant list.11—55.2(8A)  Removal of names from eligible lists.  The director may remove names from an eligible list for a particular job class(es) for any of the following reasons in addition to those cited in 11—subrule 54.2(6):
  1. Failure by the applicant to maintain a record of current address as evidenced by the return of a properly addressed letter or other similar evidence.
  2. Failure by the applicant to respond to a written inquiry from the director or an appointing authority as to availability within five workdays following the date the inquiry was sent.
  3. Receipt of a statement that the applicant no longer wants to be on the list for the class.
  4. Declination of an appointment or promotion under previously agreed to conditions.
  5. Appointment to a job class.
  6. Abolition or expiration of an eligible list for a job class(es).
  7. In the case of promotional lists, separation from state service.
  8. Correction of erroneous placement on a list.
  9. Violation of any of the provisions of Iowa Code chapter 8A or these rules. Applicants removed for this reason shall be notified in writing by the director within five workdays following removal. Appeal of removal for this reason shall be in accordance with 11—subrule 61.2(4).
  10. Failure by the applicant to maintain contact as instructed by the department concerning current availability, mailing address and telephone number.
Related ARC(s): 4053C11—55.3(8A)  Statement of availability.  It shall be the applicant’s responsibility to notify the director in writing of any change in address or other changes affecting availability for employment. The director may at any time verify the availability of applicants. The names of applicants shall be withheld from all eligible lists which do not meet the stated conditions and locations under which the applicants have indicated availability.These rules are intended to implement Iowa Code sections 8A.401, 8A.402, 8A.411, 8A.413, 8A.417, 8A.418, 8A.453, 8A.455, 8A.456 and 8A.458.
Related ARC(s): 4053C