CHAPTER 111IOWA NEEDS NURSES NOW INFRASTRUCTURE ACCOUNT641—111.1(135)  Scope and purpose.  The Iowa needs nurses now infrastructure account is established to award grants for clinical simulators, laboratory facilities, health information technology and other infrastructure to improve the education of nurses and nurse educators in the state and to enhance the clinical experience for nurses. Moneys in the account shall consist of moneys appropriated or allocated for deposit in or received by the fund or the account and specifically dedicated to the Iowa needs nurses now infrastructure account for the purposes of the account. Grants from the account may not be used for the construction of buildings. Grants awarded shall authorize the use of a reasonable portion of the grant moneys for training in the use of the infrastructure purchased with the grant moneys. These rules shall be implemented only to the extent funding is available.Related ARC(s): 9247B641—111.2(135)  Definitions.  For the purposes of these rules, the following definitions shall apply:
"Department" means the Iowa department of public health.
"Iowa Needs Nurses Now Coalition" means the coalition of nurse, health, education and business leaders who understand that nurses are important to families and communities.
Related ARC(s): 9247B641—111.3(135)  Eligibility and criteria.  To be eligible for an Iowa needs nurses now infrastructure grant, an organization shall:  111.3(1)  Be an educational institution with prelicensure nursing education programs approved by the Iowa board of nursing.  111.3(2)  Address the long-term sustainability of the infrastructure project to be funded through the grant.Related ARC(s): 9247B641—111.4(135)  Review process.    111.4(1)  The department shall follow requirements for competitive selection contained in 641—Chapter 176 in awarding grants pursuant to this chapter.  111.4(2)  The department shall establish a request for proposal and application process for organizations eligible to receive funding. The review process and review criteria shall be described in the request for proposal.  111.4(3)  The department shall establish a committee to review proposals and make recommendations to the department. The committee membership may include representation from the following:  a.  Iowa board of nursing;  b.  Iowa Nurses Association;  c.  Iowa Needs Nurses Now Coalition; and  d.  Iowa department of education.  111.4(4)  The department shall consider financial need of the applying entity as a criterion in determining grant awards.  111.4(5)  The department shall consider geographic areas where there is limited access to clinical facilities due to geographic location or limited patient census to support eligible students as a criterion in determining grant awards.  111.4(6)  The department shall consider collaboration between education programs and clinical facilities as a criterion in determining grant awards.Related ARC(s): 9247B641—111.5(135)  Performance standards.  A grantee shall provide clinical experiences for nurses and nurse educators that:
  1. Expand the capacity of its nursing program in terms of opportunities for increased learning by the students completing the program.
  2. Offer educational opportunities in geographic areas where there is limited access to clinical facilities due to geographic location or limited patient census to support eligible students.
  3. Enhance learning opportunities for the students in the nursing program.
Related ARC(s): 9247B641—111.6(135)  Appeals.  An applicant may appeal the denial of a properly submitted grant application. Appeals shall be governed by rule 641—176.8(135,17A).Related ARC(s): 9247BThese rules are intended to implement 2009 Iowa Code Supplement section 135.175(5) as amended by 2010 Iowa Acts, Senate File 2384, section 5.
Related ARC(s): 9247B