CHAPTER 11THE IOWA NATURE STORE561—11.1(456A)  Purpose.  This chapter establishes the Iowa nature store program. The Iowa nature store offers merchandise for sale to the public in order to promote the mission of the department to the public, to enhance public awareness, and to generate revenue in order to conserve and enhance the natural resources of Iowa.561—11.2(456A)  The nature store.  The department shall acquire merchandise that is intended to further the purposes of this chapter as stated in 561—11.1(456A). This merchandise will be offered for resale to the public.  11.2(1)    Acquisition.  The department may enter into contracts with private vendors for the design, manufacture, or purchase of merchandise for resale.  11.2(2)    Sale.  Goods obtained by the department pursuant to this chapter shall be offered for resale to the general public at prices to be established at the discretion of the department. Items obtained pursuant to this chapter may be distributed without charge when the department determines that such a distribution serves the purposes of this chapter.  11.2(3)    Contracts for services.  If the department determines that all or any part of the Iowa nature store program can be best effectuated through the execution of a contract with one or more third parties, the contract shall be awarded pursuant to the provisions of 561—Chapter 14.561—11.3(456A)  Funding.  The Iowa nature store shall be funded through the state conservation fund as established at Iowa Code section 456A.17. All revenues generated by the Iowa nature store, whether through the sale of merchandise or any other means, shall be deposited in the state conservation fund.These rules are intended to implement Iowa Code sections 455A.9, 456A.17 and 456A.24.