House File 557 - EnrolledAn Actrelating to conducting elections for benefited
recreational lake and water quality districts.
   Section 1.  Section 357E.8, Code 2023, is amended to read as
   357E.8  Election on proposed levy and candidates for trustees.
   When a preliminary plat has been approved by the board,
an election shall be held within the district within sixty
days to approve or disapprove the levy of a tax of not more
than four dollars per thousand dollars of assessed value on
all the taxable property within the benefited recreational
lake district except property assessed as agricultural land,
and to choose candidates for the offices of trustees of the
district. However, for a water quality district, the tax levy
shall not exceed twenty-five cents per thousand dollars of
assessed value on all taxable property within the district
and must be renewed by a similar election every eight years.
The tax levy for a combined district shall not exceed four
dollars per thousand dollars of assessed value on all of the
taxable property within the district. A tax levy approved for
the purposes of this chapter shall not be levied on property
assessed as agricultural land. Notice of the election,
including the time and place of holding the election, shall
be given as provided in section 357E.4. The vote shall be by
ballot, which shall state clearly the proposition to be voted
upon, and any registered voter residing within the district at
the time of the election may vote. It is not mandatory for the
 The county commissioner of elections to shall conduct elections
held pursuant to this chapter, but and the elections shall be
conducted in accordance with chapter 49 when not in conflict
with this chapter. Judges shall be appointed by the board from
among the registered voters of the district to be in charge of
the election. The judges are not entitled to receive pay.
proposition is approved if a majority of those voting on the
proposition vote in favor of it.
PAT GRASSLEYSpeaker of the House
AMY SINCLAIRPresident of the Senate
   I hereby certify that this bill originated in the House and is known as House File 557, Ninetieth General Assembly.______________________________
MEGHAN NELSONChief Clerk of the House
Approved _______________, 2023______________________________