House Resolution 9 - Introduced

An Act 1designating the month of March as
2Disabilities Awareness Month in Iowa.
3WHEREAS, an estimated 394,000 adults and children
4with a disability live in Iowa and make our communities
6WHEREAS, Iowa supports over 63,000 students with
7special education through a free and appropriate
8public education designed to fit those students’ unique
10WHEREAS, students with disabilities who are included
11and supported in integrated schools and classrooms
12are more likely to realize their full academic
14WHEREAS, individuals with disabilities who are
15included and supported in the workforce have an
16opportunity to earn a competitive wage, work as part of
17a team, and support a strong state economy;and
18WHEREAS, individuals with developmental disabilities
19who are involved in their communities are more likely
20to give back to their communities;and
21WHEREAS, family members and direct support
22professionals of individuals with disabilities deserve
23recognition for their support and commitment to helping
24their loved ones achieve their best life as independent
25and contributing members of their communities;and
26WHEREAS, when inclusion becomes a way of life and
27every citizen is supported and able to flourish in
28their community, Iowa is a better place for everyone to
-1-1live and thrive;and
2WHEREAS, on February 26, 1987, President Ronald
3Reagan officially declared Proclamation 5613
4designating March as National Disabilities Awareness
5Month and calling for people to provide understanding,
6encouragement, and opportunities to help persons with
7disabilities to lead productive, fulfilling lives;NOW
10the House of Representatives designates the month of
11March as Disabilities Awareness Month in Iowa.