Senate File 354 - IntroducedA Bill ForAn Act 1relating to self-identified race and ethnicity
2information collected with an application for a driver’s
3license or nonoperator’s identification card.
1   Section 1.  NEW SECTION.  321.182A  Application for driver’s
2license or nonoperator’s identification card — race and
   41.  The department shall request that a person who applies
5for a driver’s license or nonoperator’s identification
6card or for renewal of a driver’s license or nonoperator’s
7identification card disclose and specify the person’s race or
8ethnicity, each of which may be disclosed and specified to the
9department at the person’s discretion.
   102.  Prior to January 15, 2025, and prior to January 15 of
11each year thereafter, the department shall submit a report
12to the general assembly detailing the number of driver’s
13license and nonoperator’s identification card holders who
14have disclosed and specified a race or ethnicity pursuant to
15subsection 1.
   163.  The department shall electronically maintain as part
17of a person’s record, and in the machine-readable portion of
18the driver’s license or nonoperator’s identification card,
19race and ethnicity information obtained by the department, but
20shall not include such information on the face of the person’s
21driver’s license or nonoperator’s identification card. Race
22and ethnicity information collected by the department shall
23be accessible by an officer or employee of a law enforcement
24agency for use in carrying out the agency’s functions as
25permitted by law, but shall be considered confidential
26information and is not a public record or otherwise subject
27to disclosure under chapter 22. The department shall not
28otherwise release race and ethnicity information collected
29under this section except to any of the following:
   30a.  The justice advisory board established in section
   32b.  The state court administrator for use in carrying out the
33administrator’s functions as permitted by law.
   34c.  The division of criminal and juvenile justice planning of
35the department of human rights for use in research activities
-1-1and in producing statistical reports and analysis as permitted
2by law.
   34.  For the collection of race and ethnicity information
4pursuant to this section, the department shall follow, to
5the extent practicable, the race and ethnicity categories,
6descriptors, and standards utilized by the United States census
   85.  The department may adopt rules to administer this
11The inclusion of this explanation does not constitute agreement with
12the explanation’s substance by the members of the general assembly.
   13This bill relates to self-identified race and ethnicity
14information collected with an application for a driver’s
15license or nonoperator’s identification card.
   16The bill provides that a person applying for a driver’s
17license or a nonoperator’s identification card will be
18requested by the department of transportation to specify the
19person’s race or ethnicity. The bill requires the department
20to make an annual report to the general assembly regarding
21the number of persons who have disclosed and specified a race
22or ethnicity. Race and ethnicity information shall only be
23released to a law enforcement officer, an employee of a law
24enforcement agency, the justice advisory board, the state
25court administrator, and the division of criminal and juvenile
26justice planning of the department of human rights.