House File 306 - IntroducedA Bill ForAn Act 1requiring the installation and maintenance of adult
2changing stations at certain locations, providing penalties,
3and including effective date and applicability provisions.
1   Section 1.  SHORT TITLE.  This Act shall be known as
2“Adalynn’s Law”.
3   Sec. 2.  NEW SECTION.  216C.13  Adult changing stations.
   41.  For purposes of this section, “adult changing station”
5means a universally accessible, height-adjustable adult
6changing table placed within an enclosed restroom facility
7or other similar facility that is for use by persons with
8disabilities who need assistance with diapering.
   92.  An adult changing station shall be installed and
10maintained at all of the following locations:
   11a.  Any new building or facility to which the public is
12invited or in which the public is permitted.
   13b.  Any renovated building or facility to which the public
14is invited or in which the public is permitted, where such
15renovations require a permit, certificate, authorization, or
16other required document or where the renovations will cost ten
17thousand dollars or more.
   18c.  Any building or facility to which the public is invited
19or in which the public is permitted, with the capacity to serve
20one thousand five hundred or more persons in any one day,
21including but not limited to state buildings and facilities.
   22d.  Shopping malls and retail stores with a floor space of
23forty thousand square feet or more.
   24e.  Entertainment venues with a floor space of forty thousand
25square feet or more, including but not limited to theaters,
26concert halls, auditoriums, and other facilities primarily used
27for exhibiting motion pictures, stage performances, lectures,
28musical recitals, and other similar performances, bingo
29facilities, gambling structures, and indoor arenas including
30sports arenas.
   31f.  Public transportation facilities under the authority
32of the state or its political subdivisions, including bus
   34g.  Galleries, libraries, museums, and tourist information
   1h.  Parks, playgrounds, recreational centers, zoos, and
2amusement or theme parks.
   3i.  General aviation airports as defined in section 328.1.
   4j.  Rest areas as defined in section 306C.10.
   5k.  Public or nonpublic educational facilities, including but
6not limited to schools, colleges, and universities.
   7l.  Hospitals as defined in section 135B.1.
   8m.  A facility as defined in section 125.2.
   93.  Each location required to install and maintain an adult
10changing station, as provided for in subsection 2, shall
11ensure that the entrance to each adult changing station has
12conspicuous signage indicating the location of the adult
13changing station.
   144.  A person who violates this section shall be assessed a
15civil penalty by the department of human rights which is not
16to exceed two hundred fifty dollars. Moneys collected under
17this subsection shall be remitted to the treasurer of state for
18deposit in the general fund of the state.
19   Sec. 3.  IMPLEMENTATION OF ACT.  Section 25B.2, subsection
203, shall not apply to this Act.
21   Sec. 4.  EFFECTIVE DATE.  This Act takes effect January 1,
23   Sec. 5.  APPLICABILITY.
   241.  Section 216C.13, subsection 2, paragraph “a”, as enacted
25in this Act, applies to buildings and facilities on which
26construction will commence on or after January 1, 2023.
   272.  Section 216C.13, subsection 2, paragraph “b”, as enacted
28in this Act, applies to buildings and facilities on which
29renovations will commence on or after January 1, 2026.
31The inclusion of this explanation does not constitute agreement with
32the explanation’s substance by the members of the general assembly.
   33This bill requires the installation and maintenance of adult
34changing stations at certain locations. The bill defines the
35term “adult changing station”. An adult changing station
-2-1is required to be installed and maintained in certain new
2buildings and facilities constructed on or after January 1,
32023; certain buildings or facilities renovated on or after
4January 1, 2026; buildings or facilities with the capacity
5to serve 1,500 or more persons in any one day; shopping
6malls, retail stores, and certain entertainment venues with
7a floor space of 40,000 square feet or more; certain public
8transportation facilities; galleries, libraries, museums, and
9tourist information centers; parks, playgrounds, recreational
10centers, zoos, and amusement or theme parks; certain airports;
11rest areas; education facilities; hospitals; and rehabilitation
12facilities. Each location required to install an adult
13changing station is required to install conspicuous signage
14at the entrance of each adult changing station indicating its
   16A violation of the bill is punishable by a civil penalty
17not to exceed $250 to be assessed by the department of human
18rights. Moneys collected are to be remitted to the treasurer
19of state for deposit in the general fund.
   20The bill may include a state mandate as defined in Code
21section 25B.3. The bill makes inapplicable Code section 25B.2,
22subsection 3, which would relieve a political subdivision from
23complying with a state mandate if funding for the cost of
24the state mandate is not provided or specified. Therefore,
25political subdivisions are required to comply with any state
26mandate included in the bill.
   27The bill takes effect January 1, 2022.
   28The bill shall be known as “Adalynn’s Law”.