House File 46 - IntroducedA Bill ForAn Act 1relating to licensing sanctions for certain governmental
2debts by restricting use of social security numbers.
1   Section 1.  Section 272D.3, subsection 3, Code 2021, is
2amended to read as follows:
   33.  A statement that if, within twenty days of mailing of
4the notice to the person, the person fails to contact the unit
5to schedule a conference, the unit shall issue a certificate
6of noncompliance, bearing the person’s name, social security
and unit account number, to any appropriate licensing
8authority, certifying that the obligor has an outstanding
9liability placed with the unit.
10   Sec. 2.  Section 272D.7, subsection 2, Code 2021, is amended
11to read as follows:
   122.  The certificate of noncompliance shall contain the
13person’s name and social security number.
14   Sec. 3.  Section 272D.8, subsection 1, Code 2021, is amended
15to read as follows:
   161.  A licensing authority shall maintain records of
17licensees by name, and current known address, and social
18security number
. The records shall be made available to the
19unit in an electronic format in order for the unit to match the
20names of the persons with any liability placed with the unit
21for collection.
23The inclusion of this explanation does not constitute agreement with
24the explanation’s substance by the members of the general assembly.
   25This bill concerns Code chapter 272D relating to certain
26professional licensing sanctions for licensees with a debt or
27liability placed with the department of revenue for collection.
   28Code section 272D.8 is amended to strike the requirement
29that records of licensees maintained by a licensing authority
30include the licensees’ social security number. The Code
31section requires that the records be made available to the
32department of revenue for purposes of the Code chapter.
   33Code section 272D.3, relating to notices to persons of
34potential sanctions, and Code section 272D.7, relating to
35certificate of noncompliance, are amended to provide that the
-1-1notices and certificates provided by the department of revenue
2shall not contain the licensee’s social security number.