CHAPTER 1087Unemployment insurance — injunctions for employer violationsH.F. 2364AN ACT relating to injunctions issued to employers for certain violations of the state unemployment insurance law.Be It Enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Iowa:   Section 1.   Section 96.14, subsection 16, Code 2020, is amended to read as follows:   16.  Injunction upon nonpayment.  Any employer or employing unit refusing or failing to make and file required reports, records, or to pay any contributions, interest, or penalty under the provisions of this chapter, after ten days’ written notice sent by the department to the employer’s or employing unit’s last known address by certified mail, may be enjoined from operating any business in the state while in violation of this chapter upon the complaint of the department in the district court of a county in which the employer or employing unit has or had a place of business within the state, and any temporary injunction enjoining the continuance of such business may be granted without notice and without a bond being required from the department. Such injunction may enjoin any employer or employing unit from operating a business unit until the delinquent contributions, interest, or penalties shall have been made and filed or paid; or the employer shall have furnished a good and sufficient bond conditioned upon the payment of such delinquencies in such an amount and containing such terms as may be determined by the court; or the employer has entered into a plan for the liquidation of the business to pay for such delinquencies as the court may approve, provided that such injunction may be reinstated upon the employer’s failure to comply with the terms of said plan.Approved June 25, 2020