Senate Resolution 1 - Introduced

An Act 1honoring the life of Lieutenant Eric M.
2Hosette and in support of Adam Cain as he recovers
3from his injuries.
4WHEREAS, Eric M. Hosette’s lifelong dream was to be
5a fire fighter;and
6WHEREAS, he realized that dream at the age of
7eighteen when he served as a volunteer fire fighter
8with the Camanche Fire Department;and
9WHEREAS, Eric subsequently joined the Clinton Fire
10Department in 2006, and was promoted to Lieutenant in
12WHEREAS, Eric also joined the Charlotte Fire
13Department in 2013 as a volunteer fire fighter and
14was appointed Chief of the department on January 1,
16WHEREAS, Eric served as a Fire Cause and Origin
17Investigator, a Juvenile Fire Setter Program
18supervisor, and on the Truck Committee for the Clinton
19Fire Department;and
20WHEREAS, Adam Cain joined the Goose Lake Fire
21Department in 2011 as a junior fire fighter at the age
22of sixteen, became a fire fighter for Goose Lake in
232013, and has been involved as a fire fighter there
24ever since;and
25WHEREAS, Adam has been a fire fighter with the
26Clinton Fire Department since 2017;and
27WHEREAS, on January 5, 2019, Eric M. Hosette made
28the ultimate sacrifice while battling a fire in
-1-1Clinton that resulted in an explosion that ended Eric’s
3WHEREAS, the explosion injured fellow fire fighter
4Adam Cain, who had been recovering at the University of
5Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, including a two-week stay
6in the intensive care unit, before being discharged on
7January 25, 2019;and
8WHEREAS, fire fighting is a family profession
9for both Eric and Adam; Eric’s grandfather, Richard
10Grimm, served in the Charlotte Fire Department for 50
11years, including 30 years as Chief, and Adam’s father,
12Kevin Cain, is currently Chief of the Goose Lake Fire
13Department and Adam’s brother, Matt Cain, is also a
14Clinton fire fighter;NOW THEREFORE,
   15BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE, That the Senate
16expresses its gratitude to Eric M. Hosette and Adam
17Cain, their respective families, and the entire public
18safety community for the bravery and courage they have
19shown and the sacrifices they have made so that Iowans
20may live a safer and more comfortable life in their
21homes, businesses, and communities;and

   22BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That a copy of this
23Resolution be sent to each fire department in which
24Eric M. Hosette and Adam Cain have served and to their
25respective families.