Website Announcements

Iowa Code Unofficial Version: 2021 Early Release


The Iowa Code webpage has been updated to include an unofficial, early-release version of the 2021 Iowa Code in PDF format. An official version will be published on this webpage in the coming weeks.

COVID-19 Analysis & Resources


We have now posted information relating to COVID-19 on the Iowa Legislative website. You can find this link under the Popular Links heading on our home page ( This page contains an analysis of COVID-19 related legislation, the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) Coronavirus Resources for States, the Council of State Governments COVID-19 Resources for State Leaders, and additional information from the Center for Decease Control & Prevention, the Iowa Department of Public Health and the Governor’s Office.

COVID-19 Analysis & Resources can be viewed here:

Bills & Rules Watch Subcommittee Meetings


Newly available is a custom subcommittee meeting listing in your Bills & Rules Watch application. This new feature pulls all the bills in your current Bills & Rules Watch collection(s) and displays all the subcommittee meetings that have been scheduled for the current day through future schedules. Also available is a PDF you can print.

You can access Bills & Rules Watch here: