Website Announcements

Unofficial Version: 2020 Early Release


The Iowa Code webpage has been updated to include an unofficial, early-release version of the 2020 Iowa Code in PDF format. An official version will be published on this webpage in the coming weeks.

Historical Tables of the Iowa Legislature


The Historical Tables of the Iowa Legislature webpage ( features annually updated tables which detail the composition of the Territory of Iowa Legislative Assembly (1838-1846) and the Iowa General Assembly (1846-Current). The tables are viewable in PDF and Excel format.

Website Video Tutorials


We have recently added video tutorials to assist people in locating content and using some of the tools on the legislative website. This was a joint project of LSA and Drake University Law Library.

All video tutorials can be found by clicking the Video Tutorials link in the black bar at the top of the website.

Click on the red YouTube “Play” icon next to each product linking you to the video that covers that product or subject. Clicking on the red “Play” icon next to the Bills Quick Search on the home page, for example, will launch a video explaining how to use the Bills Quick Search to locate current legislation.

There is an Instructional Video link in the Legislative Document Research tool that will open a listing of videos explaining how to use the search engine. There is also a YouTube icon on the Subscriptions’ page explaining both legislative subscription options and the Bills & Rules Watch application.