Lobbyist Legal Information

If you have problems or questions, please contact Lobbyist Clerk, Caroline Warmuth, at 515.281.5307 or Caroline.Warmuth@legis.iowa.gov or House Lobbyist Clerk, Michelle Haupts, at 515.281.5498 orĀ michelle.haupts@legis.iowa.gov for guidance with filings. You may contact Charlie Smithson directly at 515.281.5307 or charlie.smithson@legis.iowa.gov, or Meghan Nelson at 515.281.5383 or Meghan.Nelson@legis.iowa.gov.

Chamber Rules
Rules governing the Senate and House chambers.
Code of Ethics
LSA Legal Background Briefings
Changes in Lobbyist Law and Procedures
  • All filings are electronic and are made with the General Assembly ONLY.
  • Lobbyists file an annual registration and changes to the registration shall be filed.
  • Lobbyists shall submit the email address of a contact person for each client.
  • Lobbyists shall file declarations on bills and may file explanations as to positions taken on bills.
  • A Function Pre-Registration shall be filed at least five days prior to the date of the function, and the report disclosing total cost of food, beverage, and entertainment at the function shall be filed within 28 days of the function being held.