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Compiled Historical Information
Party Affiliation: Democrat
Assemblies Served:
House: 82 (2007) - 90 (2023)
Home County: Polk
Ako Abdul-Samad
Polk County


Serving fourth term in House.


Founder and senior executive officer of Creative Visions Human Development Institute.


Graduate of the National Conference of Black Lawyers Community College of Law and International Diplomacy.

Memberships and Activities

Elected to Des Moines Public School Board 2003. Vice president of the Des Moines Public School System School Board, cofounder and coordinator of YMCA Downtown Teen Program, vice president of KUCB Radio, founder and president of African-American Islamic Association, vice president of the Center for the Study and Application of Black Economic Development, cofounder of the first black student union in the state of Iowa, and member of International Civil Rights Solidarity Movement. Established and directed business functions that include employment assistance and support services, health care management, community development and advocacy, and consultancy on culture and diversity education, and served as an empowerment advocate and community resource network manager to improve quality of life for at-risk youth. Awarded the National Caring Award in 2004.

Birth and Residence

Born in 1951 in Des Moines. Raised and resides in Des Moines.