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Compiled Historical Information
Party Affiliation: Democrat
Assemblies Served:
House: 77 (1997)
78 (1999)
79 (2001)
80 (2003)
81 (2005)
82 (2007) - 83 (2009)
Home County: Polk
Wayne W. Ford
Polk County
Birth: December 21, 1951, Washington, D.C. Parents: Wiley and Sarah Ford. Education: A.A., Recreation, Rochester State Junior College, 1971; BSE, Recreation, Drake Univ., 1974; Drake Univ. School of Graduate Studies, MPA Program, 1975-77; Univ. of Iowa School of Social Work, MSW Program, 1980-84. Children: 1. Profession and Activities: Exec. Dir., Urban Dreams, 1985-present; Principal, Wayne Ford and Associates, 1995- present; Dir., Model City Community Center, 1980-1987; Youth Service Worker, 1976-80; Member: Mid City Vision Coalition Bd.; West D.M. State Bank Community Advisory Bd.; State of IA Juvenile Justice Advisory Council, 1989-1996; Producer/Host, Wayne Ford Talk Show, WHO AM, D.M., 1990-1996. Recipient, Drake Univ. "Double D" award, 1995; Inductee, Rochester Junior College Alumni Hall of Fame, 1994; Founder and Co-Chair, IA Brown and Black Presidential Forum, 1976-1992; United States Senate Award for Dedicated Volunteer Service, 1990; Community Betterment Program Governor's Leadership Award, 1985; IA Minority Education Coordinator, Jimmy Carter Presidential Campaign, 1976. Term: First.
House District 71
77th GA (1997)
Legislation Sponsored
77th GA (1997)