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Compiled Historical Information
Date of Death: 8/26/1897
Party Affiliation: Democrat
Assemblies Served:
House: 24 (1892)
Home County: Webster
John D. Flanagan
Webster County

HON. JOHN D. FLANAGAN, who represented Webster county in the 24th General Assembly, died at his home in Fort Dodge, Thursday, August 26, 1897, from a dose of strychnine taken with suicidal intent, while laboring under a fit of despondency. Mr. Flanagan was born in Rothfreedah, New Castle West, Ireland, in 1852. He received a good education, and came to the United States at the age of 22. He entered the retail grocery business in Chicago and was successful. In 1884 he bought a section of land near Fort Dodge and made his home upon it. In 1892 he was elected to the General Assembly, and in 1893 served as assistant director of the agricultural department of the World’s Fair at Chicago.