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Compiled Historical Information
Date of Death: 2/12/1916
Party Affiliation: Republican
Assemblies Served:
House: 24 (1892)
Home County: Winnebago
James Ellickson
Winnebago County


MR. SPEAKER—Your committee appointed to memorialize the life and public services of James Ellickson, a member of this House in the twenty-fourth general assembly, and who died at his home in Thompson, Iowa, on the 12th day of February, 1916, beg leave to submit the following report:

The Honorable James Ellickson, who served as an honored member of this House in the twenty-fourth general assembly, claimed but the simple title of pioneer, the title of a class seldom considered with indifference; with whom, already, we count it a unique distinction to be numbered: a class with a history complete and with a story soon the most interesting legend of the past.

Like others of his kind early ennured to hardship, bouyed up by an indomitable will, and utterly unafraid of the future, this man was in later years just as truly a pioneer in lines of progress and improvement as he was when first driving his oxen into Iowa.

Whether he be gauged by his public or his private life; whether judged as a friend or neighbor, or measured by his standards of business integrity, or by his ideals of public duty in the many and various positions of trust and honor held in his community, town, county and state, yet the qualities of courage, kindness, candor and common sense were ever his constant characteristics. His is the memory which sterling manhood and loyal citizenship leaves as a legacy.





Adopted February 2, 1917.