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Compiled Historical Information
Date of Death: 8/29/1893
Birth Place: Charlotte, VT
Party Affiliation:
Assemblies Served:
Senate: 15 (1874) - 16 (1876)
House: 4 (1852)
6 (1856)
9 (1862)
11 (1866)
18 (1880)
Home County: Des Moines
John Wilson Williams
Des Moines County

WHEREAS, The all-wise Providence has seen fit to remove by death Hon. J. Wilson Williams, an ex-member of this body, and an eminent citizen of our State, therefore be it

Resolved, That this body, recognizing the eminent and valuable services of the deceased at a period in the history of our loved State when it was making progress and character that has given her a splendid place in the record of time, and

Resolved, That in the death of the Hon. J. Wilson Williams we are called to mourn the loss of an able and conscientious citizen, one devoted to all that was for the best interest of the State that was so dear to him. We remember the splendid qualities of his great and generous heart, the noble attribute of his manhood, and shall ever cherish with fond and sincere recollection this lovable man.

Resolved, That this body extend to the sorrowing wife, family and friends of the deceased our sincere sympathy and condolence.

Resolved, That these resolutions be printed in the Senate journal, and an engrossed copy of the same be mailed by the Secretary to the widow of the deceased.