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September 27, 2023GA 89

House File (HF)

Bill Bill Title
HF 157 A bill for an act relating to the operation of motor vehicles in the left-most lane of certain roadways, and making penalties applicable.(See HF 494.)
HF 2026 A bill for an act exempting all retirement income from the individual income tax including retroactive applicability provisions.
HF 2040 A bill for an act relating to immunization against COVID-19 requirements for enrollment in any licensed child care center, elementary or secondary school, or postsecondary school in Iowa.(See HF 2298.)
HF 2067 A bill for an act relating to employer vaccine mandate limitations, and including effective date provisions.
HF 2191 A bill for an act relating to the commutation of sentence procedure for class “A” felons.
HF 2231 A bill for an act relating to an assault of a pregnant person, and providing penalties.(See HF 2447.)

House Resolution (HR)

Bill Bill Title
HR 10 A resolution honoring the achievements and contributions of Steve Ovel.
HR 15 A resolution urging the members of the General Assembly to request that a special session be held to commemorate the one hundred seventy-fifth anniversary of Iowa attaining statehood.
HR 16 A resolution declaring the intent of the House of Representatives to do all that is in its power to protect the constitutional right of Iowans to keep and bear arms.
HR 17 A resolution urging the United States Congress to oppose efforts to expand the Supreme Court of the United States.
HR 18 A resolution recognizing Iowa’s commitment to private property rights, to the Iowans employed in the livestock industry, and the threat that socialism poses to the rights of Iowans to make their own choices free from government coercion regarding the production of livestock and the consumption of food including meat.
HR 102 A resolution honoring the life and service of Representative John Landon.
HR 108 A resolution recognizing and affirming support for Ukrainian sovereignty and firmly stating that the people of Iowa stand on the side of freedom and individual self-determination and self-governance.
HR 116 A resolution urging the United States Food and Drug Administration to take action necessary to improve labeling of imitation eggs and egg products.