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March 31, 2023GA 89

House File (HF)

Bill Bill Title
HF 11 A bill for an act relating to support of a child including support relative to the child’s completion of high school graduation or equivalency requirements.(See HF 416.)
HF 18 A bill for an act relating to abuse of a human corpse and providing penalties.(See HF 282.)
HF 21 A bill for an act relating to revitalization areas by authorizing cities and counties to provide property tax exemptions for certain property located in areas previously subjected to lending discrimination and including applicability provisions.(See HF 626.)
HF 146 A bill for an act relating to the appointment of counsel for indigent persons in class “A” felony cases.(See HF 553.)
HF 628 A bill for an act relating to teacher career paths, multiple leadership roles, and compensation for teachers, school foundation aid distributed to teachers for salaries and additional duties, and to class size management strategies approved for Iowa’s school districts.
HF 841 A bill for an act increasing the size of an estate exempt from the state inheritance tax, and establishing a future repeal of the state inheritance tax.
HF 2004 A bill for an act relating to confidential records and juror questionnaires.(See HF 2328.)
HF 2007 A bill for an act relating to antique vehicle special registration plates.(See HF 2251.)
HF 2026 A bill for an act exempting all retirement income from the individual income tax including retroactive applicability provisions.
HF 2042 A bill for an act relating to disclosure of psychological test material.(See HF 2386.)
HF 2043 A bill for an act relating to the mandatory retirement age of magistrate judges.(See HF 2260.)
HF 2074 A bill for an act relating to waiver of the placement investigations and reports related to the adoption of a minor by a minor’s legal guardian.(See HF 2414.)
HF 2087 A bill for an act relating to an entity-level taxation election for pass-through entities and allowing a partner or shareholder to claim a credit against the individual income tax.
HF 2113 A bill for an act providing for representation of adoptive parents and guardians ad litem by local public defenders for children in certain adoption proceedings.(See HF 2474.)
HF 2140 A bill for an act relating to the expungement of domestic abuse and sexual abuse dismissals.(See HF 2419.)
HF 2237 A bill for an act relating to communications by arrested persons and making penalties applicable.

House Resolution (HR)

Bill Bill Title
HR 15 A resolution urging the members of the General Assembly to request that a special session be held to commemorate the one hundred seventy-fifth anniversary of Iowa attaining statehood.
HR 16 A resolution declaring the intent of the House of Representatives to do all that is in its power to protect the constitutional right of Iowans to keep and bear arms.
HR 17 A resolution urging the United States Congress to oppose efforts to expand the Supreme Court of the United States.
HR 18 A resolution recognizing Iowa’s commitment to private property rights, to the Iowans employed in the livestock industry, and the threat that socialism poses to the rights of Iowans to make their own choices free from government coercion regarding the production of livestock and the consumption of food including meat.
HR 102 A resolution honoring the life and service of Representative John Landon.
HR 108 A resolution recognizing and affirming support for Ukrainian sovereignty and firmly stating that the people of Iowa stand on the side of freedom and individual self-determination and self-governance.